Siggs Pack Big Band

The trumpeter Stefan Sigg from Wangen has long been a fixture in the southern German jazz scene. In addition to his active concert activities, he has also made a name for himself as a studio musician. With his big band he also presents himself as a band leader.

The Big Band consists of professional and amateur musicians, handpicked by Stefan Sigg between Lake Constance, Allgäu and Vorarlberg. The musicians present the sometimes demanding arrangements with a high level of instrumental technology: a closed phrased block chord playing, exact rhythmic precision, fat sound and a wide dynamic range characterize this band. The soloists bring a great deal of musicality and individuality to the improvisations. With a high level of playing technique, they create wide arches of tension that are supported by the dynamic interaction with the well-coordinated rhythm group.

An important part of her repertoire are pieces by the Count Basie Big Band. The swing arrangements are saturated with a strong blues feeling and are characterized by their rousing rhythmic drive. In addition to the rhythmically interesting pieces of the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Big Band, the fast-paced jazz rock arrangements and relaxed grooving Latin numbers are particularly noteworthy: Here the band's wide spectrum between power play and lyrical delicacy is shown, which the band is always able to present confidently.


Unsere CD präsentiert einen Ausschnitt aus dem breiten Repertoire
der Siggs Pack Big Band.

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